I explore the theater of conflicts, dominance and predation in a cultivated, living environment; the Petri dish. The environment serves not only as a vivarium for mold, bacteria and fungus but also as a living studio. By constructing a landscape simultaneously natural and artificial, Petri dish provides a platform on which I act as a curator and creator.

I use highly patterned and colored microscopic entities to create lushly visual and interactive biological arenas. I create competition for resources, territorial wars, and struggle for power and control among living organisms in an artificially created environment where all vital resources are restricted. This limited environment makes microbes compete for resources, dominate a particular area or become invasive and endanger others. When they share the same living platform, a conflict for resources arise and eventually this results with a borderline. The behaviors of the microorganisms resemble human actions and motives. Visually representing the maps, aerial scenes and natural formations, these microbes act as metaphors for war and the human predicament.