I am an interdisciplinary artist. My projects merge traditional art practice with scientific materials and biological mediums such as mold spores. I create a synthetic ‘world’ in which I observe living organisms’ endless interactions, struggles, and conflicts across the picture surface. Forming borders, divisions, and edges; in my work, mold growth metaphorically represents human actions and motives.

I use mold spores that leave physical inscriptions by direct contact on the surface of the paper which serves not only as a vivarium for mold, but also a living studio in which unseen life forms emerge. Simultaneously natural and artificial, this platform provides a stage on which I act as creator and curator. Merging traditional mediums with highly patterned and colored mold, I create lushly visual and interactive biological landscapes. 

My work shows the temporal nature of all organisms living on earth by growing, changing and dying. It also acts as a herbarium; documenting, preserving and creating a historical record of living beings during that particular time period. Once completed, mold shifts from the microscopic world to the macroscopic world. Mold becomes not only a direct metaphor for destruction and catastrophe; it rather transforms into a new life form.