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Selin Balci
Selin Balci is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Her artistic practice combines scientific equipment and biological mediums with traditional art materials. Selin’s work is classified as bio-art, a new direction in contemporary art that employs living organisms. The marriage of her formal science and art education let her exploit this relatively new practice. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Maryland, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from West Virginia University, and a Bachelor of Science from Istanbul University.

Selin is the recipient of Mary Sawyers Baker Prize in the Inter-Disciplinary category by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, Maryland State Arts Council Creativity Grant, College Art Association (CAA) Professional-Development Fellowship and Hamiltonian Gallery Fellowship in Washington, DC. Some of the venues where Selin has shown her work include Hamiltonian Gallery, DCAC (District of Columbia Arts Center), WPA (Washington Project for the Arts), ConnerSmith Gallery, Honfleur Gallery in Washington, D.C; Rush Arts Gallery, Smack Mellon in NY and Contemporary Istanbul in Turkey. She has attended residencies at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Vermont Studio Center, Istanbul Art Residency.

Bioart: Investigation of Selin Balcı and Ayşe Gül Süter's Bioart Projects by Elif Çakıroğlu,

A bioart consists of intertwined applications in which fields of study such as biotechnology, genetics and molecular biology and contemporary art practices such as installation, performance, video and process art. Bioart contributes to the awareness of scientific developments and the limitations of technology as a tool, especially about living things. In the study, It is aimed to analyze Selin Balcı's Contamination Series, Bordered World and 200 and Ayşe Gül Süter's bioart projects Tear Drop Crystals and Crystals In An Artist's Studio in line with the explanations of the artists on their personal websites. For this purpose, a literature review on bioart was made and prominent bioart projects in the world were explained. As a result, it was seen that Selin Balcı and Ayşe Gül Süter, who were examined in the light of the relevant literature within the scope of the study, presented different perspectives on nature and life in their bioart projects. In addition, it has been understood that they use biological materials such as microorganisms or crystals, which are a part of their artistic expression, as metaphors, in their projects and thus make references to human's psychobiosocial activities. Analyzing and interpreting of the projects is considered important in terms of arousing interest in bioart that combines science, art and technology and contributing to the development of scientific literacy.